The process of creating a website is not only an attractive external design of web pages and filling it with content. The technical component of the resource also plays an important role. Need to be given attention to the information content, usefulness and usability of pages, as well as functionality, adaptability and other software and hardware solutions. When developing a website:

1. We determine what tasks the Internet project should solve. We analyze competitors in Kazan and throughout Russia, we find the USP (unique selling proposition) for this site. Based on the selected tasks and USP it is possible to determine the structure and site architecture.

2. We determine the implementation timeframe and budget. The main thing here is a reasonable time frame and a reasonable budget.


3. We draw up the TOR (terms of reference) and determine the keywords for which the site being developed should get into the TOP 10. Specialists of LLC "" (Kazan) not only create websites, but also make the basic search engine optimization so that the Internet projects developed by our team are popular and have demand from Internet users. We conclude a contract and receive an advance.

4. We make a prototype of the future site and coordinate it with the Customer. Better once right choose the right direction than to redo the site several times. We value the time of both our clients and our own specialists.

5. The next step, web designers develop the external design of the site in accordance with the requirements of the technical tasks. At the same time, they take into account the corporate identity of the company, its specifics, scope of activities, topics, and also the view of the website. Additionally, the resource is adapted for mobile devices and different types of browsers. This will help speed up page loading and improve readability.

6. Next comes the creation and configuration of the program code. This is what we love. But the most important thing is the love of users for the site, not even the Customer! After all, we are the first turn create a site for users! So that there are more of them, so that they are happy, finding on this site the services and information he needs. And this, in turn, will please the customer.

7. We fill the Internet project with basic content and carry out basic search engine (SEO) optimization. At performing internal and external optimization, target queries are taken into account, for which users will find an online resource. Thanks to this, it is possible to attract customers from search engines. Specialists work out the content and texts on each landing page.


8. Testing the site and transferring access to site administration to the project owner. We issue an invoice satisfied customer. We offer further cooperation, as we can be useful not only in creating a website, but also in many other areas of the IT-sphere. We start to be friends and often become ourselves clients of its Customers both in Kazan and throughout Russia.

As a result, we want to say that in our company (LLC "", Kazan) the creation of sites (English website development) is a quality work performed by a team of IT professionals in Kazan. The process includes includes the production of design, actions with the functional and technical part of the Internet resource, the creation convenient navigation for users, writing high-quality SEO-optimized texts, content web pages with basic content. In addition, after the creation of an Internet project, it will need to be promoted in search engines.



The scope of the Internet project

The more sections and pages of the site, the more time it will take to develop design and functional software modules, setting up a database, filling the site with quality SEO-optimized content and much more


Design requirements

The more requirements for the design and style of the site being developed, the more work for designers who design the entire interface of the Internet project (blocks, forms, buttons, menu items, etc.)


From the owner's vision

It is not easy when the site owner does not know what kind of site he needs in the end. In such cases we we advise the owner on the possibilities of web design and development, demonstrate the possibilities, jointly We study competitors before starting to create a site.



The labor costs of designers and programmers cannot always be indicated in man-hours. The sooner you need design and / or development of the functionality of the site, the more concentration and competent approach of specialists to the task.


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the direction and approximate amount of work to be done

We jointly draw up the terms of reference (TOR) for the development / creation of an Internet project and conclude an agreement

We develop a design layout and a prototype of the developed Internet project and agree with the Customer

We make and develop the functional part of the Internet project. step by step agree with client

We fill with basic high-quality content, adapt the site for mobile devices and test functionality

We transfer the site and access to site administration to the Customer, train his specialist, help with promotion


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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