Translation is a specific oral or written activity aimed at re-creating an existing in one language of an oral or written text into another language, while maintaining the invariance of the content and quality of the original, as well as author's authenticity. Localization is an area of ​​translation activity. Localization in IT is an area that requires no not only good language skills, but also an understanding of all program terms and habitual users of the interface, which should look natural.


For many base words in localization programs can have several values, and you need to know which one is used in a particular case for similar competitor products. You also need to understand how the user works with the program, how interacts with the interface. The purpose of localization is such a translation of a website or software in which the target audience perceives it as a text written by a native speaker, and / or for native speakers. Localization is not limited to translating the interface into another language. This is a multi-level operation, the first the steps of which can be performed even leaving the interface intact, and the last ones require interaction programmers, designers and translators.

Without a detailed analysis and deep understanding of all processes, competent localization of programs is impossible. Since 2007, LLC has extensive experience in localization in the field of IT - starting with translations of CMS Drupal (English - Tatar) and the IPB forum engine (Russian - Tatar), ending with the translation of the Portal Governments RT, 16 ministries and about 40 departments from Russian into Tatar. Tatar version of VKontakte, textbooks on physics and mathematics in the Tatar language - also, to a certain extent, the work of employees of the LLC "". Translation is performed by professional native translators.




Specific topics

The more specialized and technical the terminology used, the higher the cost of translation. For example, translating a typical article on the operation of nuclear reactors will cost more than translating site of the best restaurant in Kazan



We are often approached when it is necessary to translate specialized texts (medicine, agronomy, law and etc.) in a short time (when others are not taken or performed with low quality). Translation in a short the term requires a special qualitative approach and is valued more


Directions of translation

With a standard written translation from English into Russian, the cost of translation will be minimal. it due to the most popular translations in the ENG - RUS language pair. When translating into rare languages (for example, Tatar) the price will increase upwards


Scope of work

The cost of one printed sheet in LLC varies from 350 to 700 rubles. for 1 printed sheet (1800 characters). In arithmetic progression, the more printed sheets, the more you will need to pay the work of specialists, but for large orders there are discounts!


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the scope of work and the cost of site localization, software or text translation

We announce the price, conclude an agreement (we are located in Kazan). We determine the specialist(s)-translator(s), who will perform the translation work

After translation/localization, the text/translation is re-read by another specialist. Correcting and improve the quality of translation

We transfer the translation to the Customer, sign an act on the provision of services, issue an invoice for payment, if necessary, we help the client to implement localization in their system (website, CRM, CMS)


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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Working hours

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