IT support (IT outsourcing) is the services of IT company specialists to maintain efficiency IT solutions (software, website, portal) or IT infrastructure of the organization in the working condition. It is often resorted to by small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the ability to maintain a staff IT-specialists, but there are problems with the maintenance of equipment or software. What does IT support (IT outsourcing) in Kazan give to business? You no longer need to spend the time of the company's specialists on maintaining the health of the IT infrastructure.


This frees up resources for priority areas of development. Saves payroll. It makes no sense to hire full-time employees on a permanent basis, pay them wages and provide a social package. These responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the IT company, which provides outsourcing services. The quality of service is improving. The client company will receive professional services of system administrators, programmers and other technical specialists who have extensive experience and improve their skills regularly.

There is a single point of entry for control and management of IT infrastructure. The scope of services provided spelled out in the cooperation agreement. The client can control and evaluate their quality, get development reports and recommendations. The efficiency of the information department at the enterprise is increasing. Business processes are optimized through the implementation of a clear strategy developed by employees of the outsourcing company (often IT audit results). The availability of programs and services increases, as well as the fault tolerance of the system as a whole. Downtime is reduced and business becomes agile and competitive.


What can be included in the IT support from the company (Kazan)? - expansion and modernization IT infrastructures. IT support from the company (Kazan) includes many services, their exact list depends on the real needs of the enterprise and its finances: maintenance (maintenance) of hardware and software in commercial / government organizations and / or educational institutions of Kazan and the Republic Tatarstan, as well as the Volga region. Prevention and diagnostics of hardware and software according to the approved schedule. Software, hardware and information support (outsourcing) of portals, corporate websites organizations, online stores, updating the platform, CMS modules and plugins to the latest versions.

Support for databases of accounting systems, installation and updating of software to current versions. Ensuring the stable functioning of a computer network and servers, administering routers, switches and other network equipment. Expansion and modernization of IT infrastructure. Carrying out activities to ensure information security. Prevention of virus attacks. Virus database update. Backup. Recovery of the OS and individual data arrays after a failure. Prompt troubleshooting and failures that occur in the operation of hardware and software security.




Scope of work

The more objects (workstations, servers, personal computers, laptops, software provision) for maintenance, the more time you need to devote to each object and the higher the cost provision of IT outsourcing services (IT support)



Many of the client's tasks can be solved remotely. But to fix some problems, you need to leave. IT specialist. Depending on the nature of IT assistance, the cost of providing IT outsourcing services (IT support) may vary


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine for ourselves the approximate amount of work to be done

Before starting work, we examine the organization's IT infrastructure and study the Client's business

Together with the Customer, we determine the requirements for IT outsourcing (IT support) and conclude an agreement

Remotely or with the departure of a specialist, we provide IT services (we optimize, configure, monitor systems and software)

If necessary, we advise the management and specialists of the organization, make recommendations to improve performance

Monthly, weekly or daily (depending on the type of work) we provide reports on work hardware systems and software


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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