Software development (SW) is the creation and maintenance of the health, quality and reliability of software

The first step towards obtaining effective software is the preparation of a clear technical task, which will later be the basis of project documentation. A complete and reliable technical specification is a guarantee of a “workable” product that does not have to be modified during use. As a rule, the more modules - the more careful design is required for the successful development and subsequent operation and development of the project.

The initial versions of the created software are carefully tested by a group of employees to identify bugs (errors), an unstable system. After that, the first version of the software product is ready to go.


Our IT-company "" (Kazan) provides a full cycle of software development - from design to development and maintenance:

1. Development of the application specification. At this stage, software requirements are agreed with the Customer, which combine the needs of future users and the capabilities of the equipment.

2. Designing the future application. The process is an intermediate step between writing the text of the terms of reference and programming itself. As a rule, prototypes of the most important functions of the future program are launched at this stage.

3. Programming and testing. The process of writing code in a certain language, as well as checking its performance.

4. Integration and implementation of the software product. The application that passes the test is customized according to the requirements of the company, integrated with other applications, and users begin to use it on a daily basis.

5. Escort. Successful operation of the program in the future involves constant maintenance, installation of updates, as well as correction of errors that occur.

6. On the account of LLC software developments "Issue of certificates", multimedia disks with educational software and electronic encyclopedias.




Complexity and scope of the project

The cost/price of software development in Kazan depends on the complexity of the task. The more complex/voluminous the project is, the more carefully it needs to be designed, architectured, established the correct links between the parts/modules of the software project and tested


Design requirements

The more design and style requirements of the software, the more work it takes for designers to style each element of the software, starting with a single button or menu item, and for each element of the application visible to the user


From a programming language

Interestingly, the programming language and development platform can affect the cost of software development. Depending on the task at hand, expensive solutions may be required, as standard solutions will not be able to lead to the desired result


Development time

The timing of software development also affects the cost of development. The faster it is necessary to implement the project, the more experienced specialists should be involved in the development and more time should be devoted to this task. The speed of writing program code differs depending on the level of knowledge and experience of the programmer


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the direction and approximate amount of work to be done

We draw up the terms of reference (TOR) for the development of software (applications) and conclude an agreement

We develop a working prototype with the most important functions of the future program/application

We write the program code on the basic interface (alpha version), check it for performance (test it)

We prepare a beta version of the program (we do debugging) and design a software product for implementation and sale

We implement software for the Customer, train the Customer's representative and provide support (separate agreement for support)


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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