What is the difference between social media marketing (SMM) and content management, and why for successful promotion on the Internet is necessary to achieve results in both areas? SMM and content management are two components of Internet marketing, which, in turn, is one one of the most important components of digital marketing. It is worth noting that in some cases SMM can act as a separate content marketing channel, often being the main channel for distributing content. Both of these tools and SERM are used by Internet marketers in Kazan to promote the brand, products or services, however, it should be understood that these are different tools, each of which has its own purpose and scope.


Content management is an important stage in the strategy internet marketing. Whether you are a small company looking to attract new customers, or the administrator of a large portal, seeking to multiply the number of its visitors, you need to start with content management. The main advantages of content management are the ability to tell about yourself, create demand for the product and gain credibility in your niche, which in turn leads to stable sales and loyalty of acquired customers.

A content manager is a marketer involved in the selection and placement of materials for the site, information resources, social networks and instant messengers. The purpose of the work is to popularize and promote brand, company, product or person on the Internet. Promotion in social networks allows you to precisely influence the target audience, select sites. The main tasks of marketing in social networks are branding (brand promotion), increasing loyalty of the audience and fame, PR and increase in traffic to the sites of various companies. For a successful to promote the group, you need to draw up a successful content plan and make useful posts. follow statistics on reposts, likes, publications, the number of subscribers.


Communicate with members of the public comments under posts and in group messages to give more information and respond to negative reviews. Our IT-company - LLC (Kazan) will help you develop a marketing campaign in social networks. networks, will provide you with the necessary high-quality and interesting content, including: performance analytics, competitor analysis, registration and maintenance of an account, content planning, filling content, audience engagement, subscriber acquisition.



From the set goals and objectives

What are the goals of your company? How many subscribers, buyers, customers should bring this account in social networks (VKontakte, Youtube, etc.) to your business? depending from the selected promotion tools and types of work, you will need the services of an Internet marketer, targetologist, SMM specialist and SMM designer


From coverage

The cost / price of SMM also depends on the number of supported accounts, the volume of promotion, frequency preparation and placement of materials. After all, each material requires careful preparation and study. Perhaps, in order to promote your account, you additionally need to connect bloggers, shoot a video or and/or run targeted ads


From the subject

The presence of competition always affects the cost of promotion. On the one hand, if the promoted product or service is not yet known, more efforts are needed to bring it to market. And when a lot of competition is necessary to stand out from other offers of goods and services


From content type

Better to see once than hear a hundred times. This principle also applies to marketing. Creation video content for SMM promotion is much more expensive than posting regular photos. Here the cost of licensed programs and services, expenses for holding competitions, etc. are also included


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire) on SMM. We study the current state of promotion in social networks, analyze competitors

We jointly draw up terms of reference (TOR) for promotion (SMM, SERM, copywriting, administration, contextual/targeted advertising)

We conclude an agreement (we are located in Kazan), we receive an advance payment and access to account/group management for modification and maintenance

We make adjustments / corrections, draw up and agree on a content plan, accompany, administer. We train you to work with the received applications

We are working on attracting potential customers, generating leads, incoming calls and appeals

You get customers, conclude agreements and contracts with them, and make sales


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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