Under SEO-promotion of an Internet project (website, portal, online store, account) on the Internet means search engine optimization (SEO) of the site, a set of works on setting up the html code and page content for search engines. It is search promotion that just serves to ensure that your site went to the best places, i.e. in TOP. More scientifically speaking, search engine optimization (search engine website promotion, website promotion, SEO - SearchEngineOptimization) is a set of measures to improve its positions in the search engine results for pre-selected queries.


Search engine optimization (SEO promotion) is a profitable investment in business development, increasing sales and advertising of their services on the Internet. According to research - 80% of clicks to sites comes from the search. The vast majority of people refer to organic search results with more credibility than advertising. The site, having taken high positions in the search, will consistently bring customers for a long time without additional payments to Yandex or Google

Internet promotion can be effective for ALL companies whose potential audience is looking for similar goods or services on the Internet. Why does an Internet project need to be in the first places in search engines? to sites, located in the first ten positions (TOP-10, i.e. the first page of the issue), will pay attention to more 95 (!) percent of all users. The higher the site is in the TOP, the more traffic it has. offers you search engine optimization (SEO) services for your Internet project and guarantees entry into the TOP-10 for mutually agreed key queries. Duration of SEO promotion (bringing the site to the TOP-5) is 4 months.




Site topics

The cost / price of search promotion (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia) depends on the subject of the site and competition in this area. The higher the competition, the higher the cost of attracting a customer. To For example, with search engine optimization, the frequency of the request plays. The cost of high-frequency requests will be higher than mid-frequency and low-frequency requests


Promotion scale

The cost / price of SEO also depends on the scale (geography) of promotion. Customer Acquisition Cost only in Kazan or in a certain region of Tatarstan is much cheaper than attracting customers throughout multinational Russian Federation. But, with the right promotion, it is possible to organize demand for Your product/service around the world


From competition

The presence of competition always affects the cost of promotion. For the same keyword promote hundreds of companies. On the other hand, if the promoted product or service is not yet known, then more effort needs to be put in to get people to search for given keywords and land on Your website


Age and content

It is more difficult to promote young sites that are poorly perceived by search engines. They need so much more time to earn the trust of the search engines. It is also very important what the structure of the site is and what it is filled with information. If the site has a logical organization, its content is complete, unique and competent filed, the optimization process will run without interruption


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We analyze the site, find errors and determine the exact amount of work to optimize the site

We jointly draw up the terms of reference (TOR), define and prescribe the semantic core in the TOR, according to which will bring potential customers to the site

We conclude an agreement (we are located in Kazan), we get access to site management and access to FTP for making changes and search engine optimization

We make adjustments / corrections to the page structure, carry out technical optimization, correct internal and external links, create a sitemap, etc.

We optimize and add the necessary content, create and refine landing pages, increase the amount of targeted high-quality commercial traffic

We set up and analyze metrics, make new improvements. PS. We do not guarantee top placement for Landing Page and for sites on constructors (Wix, uCoz and the like)


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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