Retaining existing loyal customers is always cheaper than attracting new ones. your buyer is good familiar with you, with your product or your services. Knows their quality. And if you provide quality services (for example, in Kazan), sell an excellent product, then your loyal customers will start recommending them to their friends and family. But this raises a lot of questions: Who is your client? A portrait of a loyal customer? What does it taste like? What should you pay attention to in order to Did the client treat you even more loyally? How to get feedback from customers and find out their tastes and wishes? How does he actually evaluate Your product or service (he is unlikely to tell the whole truth to your face)?


How to reward your regular customer? How to encourage not only him to use your services or bought goods, but also brought friends and acquaintances? How to be closer to the client (for example, to be in his mobile)? How to digitize it so that it is closer to you? For example, you can then send him push notifications with news and announcements. How to keep statistics and analyze data to identify loyal customers who recommend you friends and family? How to identify traffic sources? Where is your client most often? VKontakte, Odnoklassniki? What feedback does he leave about you?

Как сделать так, чтобы Ваш клиент не выходя из дома или сидя на работе мог заказать у Вас товары и услуги (к примеру - доставка суши, роллов, пиццы)? В этом случае есть готовые популярные маркетинговые решения как UDS (CRM/система лояльности), которые помогут Вам в решении этих вопросов и задач. Компания ООО «Белем.ру» поможет Вам настроить маркетинговый CRM UDS, запустить сарафанное радио не только в Казани или в Республике Татарстан, но и по всему миру. Заполните форму ниже, чтобы получить поддержку в запуске рекомендаций, повышения лояльности, формирования положительного бренда Вашей компании и лично Вас.




License type

The cost of a UDS license is the same in all countries - $900 (Tariff - Smart). Paid one time subscription fee is only $30/month. The Start tariff assumes a monthly fee of $100/month. - beneficial for seasonal companies and to get acquainted with the functionality in the first month. There is also a Lite plan ($30/month)


The volume of the client base

You can install and configure/implement CRM UDS in just 1 hour. Next, you need to work with customer base so that your loyal customers learn to recommend you and receive bonuses for this the form of points. It takes some time, effort and finances, but it's worth it!


Company status

CRM UDS is not a magic pill. This is a great marketing tool to use in full strength. The implementation of UDS allows you to very quickly identify company problems, management errors and personnel. Additional finance will be required to adjust the business processes in the company


Team coherence

The UDS loyalty system can determine KPI and the quality of work of employees. It happens that some employees hinder innovation, new tools, and improvement of business processes. Additional hassle can be associated with their training, firing saboteurs and hiring capable of development


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We define the tasks and the approximate scope of the forthcoming work on implementation

We draw up terms of reference (TOR) for the implementation of modern marketing solutions and conclude an agreement

We install a trial or full version of CRM, set up, activate a mobile solution and a website (online store)

We train management and employees of the company. If necessary, we provide training for the sales department

We solve technical problems (if necessary - integration with the cash register, with 1C, etc.), help to launch word of mouth radio

We advise the client, we accompany at the initial stage, we recommend and accumulate points, we become his client


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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