Computer technology is the main working tool used in any modern office and educational tool in the hands of teacher and student. LLC is a partner of several IT companies engaged in the supply of computer equipment, office equipment, interactive whiteboards, network equipment and licensed software for educational institutions and offices of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as to neighboring regions.


The main thing when purchasing and supplying smart technology is to choose the right set of equipment, with a guarantee quality, the possibility of further maintenance and software and hardware support with the possibility installation and use of the corresponding licensed software. After all, such a technique is bought for several years in advance and costs a certain amount of money, and it will be a shame if the purchased one is not technicians will fail the next day, and unlicensed software will harm computer or server.

Turning to us, you trust the specialists of our company to choose the right equipment, assembly and software for a reasonable price. The company, if necessary, can provide services of correct installation and configuration of software (since we ourselves are developers and we know what and how to install and configure correctly). To order the delivery of office computers, laptops, interactive and network equipment - fill out the form (brief) below, specifying the specification with certain device models.




Manufacturer and brand

The brand plays a very important role in the pricing of computer hardware and software. The cost of such a product includes marketing and advertising costs. The brand is good, but we We care about our customers as much as possible and try to provide a guarantee of quality in full


Specifications and parameters

We choose computer equipment according to its technical characteristics and parameters. After all, it is technical characteristics of computer hardware or software solve our problems. The more tasks and the faster they solve them, the better the equipment or software and the more expensive it is


Scope of supply of equipment

With a wholesale purchase - the price of computer equipment in Kazan or in any other city is cheaper. After all, in his the price includes logistics, shipping costs, etc. Therefore, to complete one school or the entire district in in general will cost different money. When planning the purchase of equipment or software, try to carry out wholesale purchase


Additional services

Computer equipment is a complex thing, and even large brands cannot guarantee the quality of all components in general. Defects in components may appear during their manufacture, assembly or delivery. goods to the buyer. Therefore, some companies offer an additional guarantee, which will be felt in its price


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the client's need for computer equipment and software

We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the client's need for computer equipment and software

We determine the availability, document the order, specify the terms, control the delivery of the order partner

We help to unpack, install, configure computer equipment, network and multimedia equipment


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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