The modern world is now impossible to imagine without information technology. Who has the information rules the world, and now information is digital! IT-company LLC (Kazan) not only develops software, websites, portals, chatbots, but also teaches people how to develop them and use IT solutions. We bring to your attention the areas of training (courses) in the IT field (with the issuance of certificates state standard and without), where you will learn: use IT solutions of any complexity; develop IT-marketing strategy of the company; correctly set tasks and manage a team using modern IT solutions;


promote products and brands through websites, social networks, instant messengers and email; optimize content for search engines; set up advertising campaigns and get customers through the website and social networks; communicate with the audience, increase loyalty, develop the brand. LLC provides an opportunity to receive education both on full-time (individual) and distance courses, trainings. The purpose of such courses is to gain knowledge in Kazan in the professional field (programming, system administration, testing, quality management, financial management, IT marketing, etc.). Fill out the brief below or call to enroll in the course.



Directions (topics) of training

Not all courses and subjects are of equal difficulty. Even programming languages can be of different levels difficulties. The cost of learning computer literacy in Kazan is much cheaper than the cost of learning a language programming


Duration of the course (volume of study)

Mastering one specialty can be much cheaper than another - depending on the complexity of the course or its composition courses can be of different duration. But at the same time, a set of courses will cost cheaper than separately (eg: HTML, CSS + PHP)



We do not acquire knowledge for the sake of a diploma. But some companies, when applying for a job, may require you to a diploma or certificate of completion of a state-recognised course. In partnership with UC "Knowledge Park" we can make you a certified specialist


Number of listeners

We are for an individual approach. We try to teach in groups of 3 to 10 people. With a large number students, perhaps we will devote a little less time to each of you. That's why we offer discounts for groups. more than 5 people. So, come to the courses with your friends!


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We clarify your requests, experience and level of education according to the brief and select the appropriate course according to the level

We collect applications for training / training and set the start date for the courses. We post the news about the beginning of the course so that you can study cheaper

We provide education / training in the office of the company or the Knowledge Park Training Center (Kazan). We identify strengths and weaknesses in knowledge. We strengthen the strong and remove your weak points

We test your acquired knowledge, give practical tasks to strengthen the acquired knowledge. We issue a certificate of education (if it was planned)


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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Working hours

Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00