Website redesign includes full or partial website modernization. LLC brings design into compliance with the corporate style of the company, makes it attractive, adaptive, we sharpen it for sales and we use only those solutions that have proven their effectiveness and lead to profit.

Website redesign is a complex work aimed not only at changing the design of the site. This service allows you to improve the structure, functionality and content, in order to improve the quality of usability, in other words, ease of use of the resource.

Each owner has their own reasons for redesigning the site. A redesign is usually carried out when it becomes clear that The site is outdated and needs to be updated. Often, the site is made “to be” and its design is clearly not on first place. Over time, you notice that something is wrong: pictures crawl out of the forms, buttons they jump, the text is hard to read and there is no such thing as a straight “ah”. But it is so important that the design is holistic, the structure is convenient, and the resource itself emphasized the advantages of the company, expressed the corporate identity.


Well, will it be to inspire confidence in a site where everything is clumsy and incomprehensible? You look at the websites of competitors and understand that everything is much better with them and it is more likely that users will become their customers more willingly than yours. Don't worry, we'll help you fix the situation! "" will remake your site, if necessary, make rebranding, we will make the site modern and beautiful, going to which everyone wants to become your client.

Website redesign includes activities such as:

- website audit;

- usability analysis;

- development and implementation of an updated design, functional software modules;

- filling new pages.



The scope of the Internet project

The more sections and pages of the site, the more time it will take to update the design and functional software modules. It happens that sometimes developing a website from scratch is cheaper than Internet project redesign. In such cases, we save all data from files and databases and transfer them on a new modern site with adaptive design


Design requirements

The more requirements for the design and style of the site being developed, the more work for designers, which design each element of the Internet project, starting with a separate button or menu element, and for each element of the site visible to the user (considering each element for each type of mobile devices)


From the owner's vision

It is not easy when the site owner does not know what kind of site he needs in the end. In such cases we we advise the owner on the possibilities of web design and development, demonstrate the possibilities, jointly We study competitors before starting to create a site



The labor costs of designers and programmers cannot always be indicated in man-hours. The sooner you need design and / or development of the functionality of the site, the more concentration and competent approach of specialists to the task


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the direction and approximate amount of work to be done

We draw up the terms of reference (TOR) for the adaptive redesign of the Internet project and conclude an agreement

We develop a design layout and a prototype of the developed Internet project and coordinate it with the Customer.

If necessary, we make adjustments and perform adaptive development of the main page of the Internet project.

We carry out adaptive development of the internal pages of the Internet project and test the site on different mobs.

We update the database, correct other technical characteristics and update the content of the updated site.


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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