A chatbot is a program that simulates a real conversation with a user, responds to requests user. Chatbots allow you to communicate via text or audio messages on websites, in messengers, mobile applications or by phone. With the rise in popularity of instant messengers in the 2010s, chatbots have taken on new life. They can work for any well-known platform, for example, VKontakte, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Today these virtual assistants able to replace many services, for example, Call-centers in Kazan and technical service centers clients in Kazan and Tatarstan. This allows companies to optimize the costs of doing business and attract new buyers.


Chatbots are multitasking. At the request of the user, they provide useful information: weather forecast, heading currencies, poster and ticket prices, word translation, latest news, help you choose the right flight, book a ticket and order a cheap taxi. Helper bots remind you of upcoming events. Bots postal services track the parcel by track code. Chatbots make it easy to find and download books, movies, and music. The media uses chatbots to deliver materials and news to readers via instant messengers.

A chatbot in business is, first of all, a tool for lightning-fast interaction with potential and existing customers at low cost/price. The first way to use it is to use a chatbot as an application in which you can get all the necessary information about the company, its services and products, as well as the opportunity to leave a request for services or write a review. Here you can also embed a block with frequently asked questions and answers. According to Google research 65% of people don't want to talk to companies over the phone, they prefer interact online, so it is necessary to give them this opportunity.


By ordering the development of a chatbot from LLC (Kazan), you get: possible improvement of the order (maybe we can develop a chatbot even better than you expect); obtaining this IT solution within the agreed time frame; support in promoting the chatbot through our online partners (websites and bloggers); Fill out the brief below - decide to use the latest marketing solutions to improve your business!



Project complexity

The cost/price of developing a chatbot and other functional software services in Kazan depends on the complexity of the task at hand. The more complex the algorithm / project, the more carefully it needs to be designed, programming, establishing proper data connections and testing


Scope of work

The larger the volume of work, the more time is needed to solve the tasks assigned to specialists. tasks and cost of work in man-hours. Even during operational work, some types of work (for example, working with a database, processing / analysis of text or other data) may require careful enumeration or analysis



Interestingly, the programming language and development platform can affect the cost of development. software. Depending on the task at hand, expensive solutions may be required, as how standard solutions may not always lead to the desired result


Development time

The timing of software development also affects the cost of development. The faster the project needs to be completed, the more experienced specialists should be involved in the development and more time should be devoted to this task. The speed of writing program code differs depending on the level of knowledge and experience of the programmer


We receive your completed brief (questionnaire). We determine the direction and approximate amount of work to be done

We draw up the terms of reference (TOR) for the development of software (chat-bot) and conclude an agreement

We develop the structure (operation algorithm) of the chatbot with the most important functions of the future programs/applications

Step by step, we write the program code, check it for performance (test)

We are preparing a beta version of the chatbot (we are debugging) and designing a software product for implementation / sale

We implement software for the Customer, train the Customer and, if necessary, provide support (separate contract for escort)


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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