How to quickly attract targeted traffic to the site and get the first orders? Of course, with the help of advertising. Contextual advertising is a variety of ads (text, graphics, video) that are shown users according to their search queries, interests or behavior on the Internet. Contextual ads are displayed in search engines, on various websites, in mobile applications and on other resources. Advertising in the Internet sphere, which appeared so quickly in our daily life, quickly gained momentum and began to develop rapidly.


The potential of online advertising platforms is great. If one or more channels are properly tuned marketing communications, you can see impressive results in the form of increased conversions, which ultimately expressed in increased profits, the number of new customers or greater recognition of the company / brand. Advertising in networks (Yandex, Google) is shown on websites, in mobile applications and on other resources, advertising systems included in the affiliate network.

It can be called additional information to the content of the pages that a person is viewing. Although for displaying ads, the user does not enter a specific request, he: may have been interested in your products/services before; right now is on a site that relates to your topic. While there are many ways to advertise online and promote your products and services online, they must be used correctly.


Constant experimentation, uniqueness of offers, setting up a competent marketing concept and advertising campaign (Yandex, Google, etc.) will help you find exactly those options among all the variety promotions and online advertising, which will be the most profitable, which will directly affect the flow new customers and increased profits. LLC (Kazan) sets up and maintains contextual advertising in such services as Yandex.Direct and Google Ads, while using additional services to enhance advertising campaigns. To determine which advertising will be profitable and not costly for you, fill out the brief below.



From the number of services

What services does your company provide? What goods does he sell? Which of them bring the most profit? Which ones are not so good? By answering these questions, we will be able to determine which of these services and goods require setting up and launching an advertising campaign in Kazan. The more goods and services you need to advertise, the more you will have to pay more price to Yandex and Google


From geography

The cost of both contextual and targeted advertising depend on geography (especially with targeted advertising). advertising). The more people should see your ad, the more budget you should have for advertising campaign. And the cost of setting up the advertising itself on the part of LLC (Kazan) ‒ is fixed and does not depend on this parameter


From competition

The more competition in your line of business, the higher the cost of advertising impressions. contextual advertising. Probably, your competitors also advertise their products and services and want to be in the TOP when showing ads in search engines and affiliate networks. PS. Setting up advertising itself with our sides does not depend on this parameter!


From the ambitions and budget of the Customer

Much depends on the head of the company. What are his plans? Conquer the world or limit yourself Kazan or Tatarstan?! What budget did he put in to advertise his products or services? What advertising Does he follow a policy: aggressive or passive? What is the company's strategy, so is the budget for advertising and promotion


We receive a completed brief (questionnaire) for setting up advertising. We study the client's business, metrics, we analyze competitors

Together with the client we draw up terms of reference (TOR) for setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign Customer.

We conclude an agreement, receive an advance payment and access to the management of the advertising account (Yandex/Google) or create advertising campaign entirely by ourselves

We select keywords and phrases, form advertising records, write sales texts, prepare another advertising selling media content

We set up an advertising account and an advertising campaign in full, coordinate and launch advertising within allocated budget

If necessary, we accompany the advertising campaign (we recommend it!), adjust advertising records and other parameters based on monitoring results


The better you describe the problem in the letter, the faster and better we will solve it


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